Saturday, March 1, 2014

White Night Melbourne

Last Saturday, Melbourne hosted it's annual White Night festival. I have zero idea what the origin or history of this evening entails, but it was the first time I braved the crowds to take part. Basically it's a light show on the cities more well known buildings that runs from 7pm to 7am. There was food, music, performances, lights(!!) and people. A whole lotta people. 

Lisa Mitchell  sang at QV and we got to catch a few of our favs of hers. The crowd that came to watch her is basically a reflection of what the entire city was like people wise. It was crazy!
Lights at the State Library. They had quite a few more patterns but it was difficult to get a good shot, but didn't stop people from trying as you can see!
These lights and sights are always around Melbourne at night, but I thought while I had the camera, why not.
Lights on Flinders Street Station (including the first photo in this post) Was my highlight for sure, I wish I had a photo of the building without the lights so you could see the comparison, but alas I don't have that kind of foresight. Unfortunately these shots were a bit rushed as we were trying to catch a train in time, quite the challenge with the mass of people, I can tell you I wouldn't have liked being a public transit employee that night!!

Have a great weekend people :)

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  1. Lisa Mitchel! I'm a bit of a fan too. would have been awesome