Monday, March 10, 2014

Sketch Journal: Aura

I think it's fair to say I took my jolly good time with this one. Really only working on it when I felt inspired and not forcing anything (ok ok, that's my 'creative person' speak for 'being lazy'). Initially I set myself out these pinterest challenges to work on my ability to replicate likeness of faces, but when I started this piece, the more I got into it, the less I used the reference picture and the more I enjoyed it! Look at me with the embracing of the creativity within! 

Here is the original photo inspiration compared to my progress images.

Seeing as I went in a slightly different direction to the reference picture I decided to put the piece up on my society6 store for sale. It's available as your standard print, framed, or canvas, but I've also made it available as a phone cover, cushion, tote bag and clock! How progressive and trendy of me! Pretty sure it's available as a gift card too, so plenty of options if you want it for your own little hot hands. Yay for finally posting something art related!!

Saturday, March 1, 2014

White Night Melbourne

Last Saturday, Melbourne hosted it's annual White Night festival. I have zero idea what the origin or history of this evening entails, but it was the first time I braved the crowds to take part. Basically it's a light show on the cities more well known buildings that runs from 7pm to 7am. There was food, music, performances, lights(!!) and people. A whole lotta people. 

Lisa Mitchell  sang at QV and we got to catch a few of our favs of hers. The crowd that came to watch her is basically a reflection of what the entire city was like people wise. It was crazy!
Lights at the State Library. They had quite a few more patterns but it was difficult to get a good shot, but didn't stop people from trying as you can see!
These lights and sights are always around Melbourne at night, but I thought while I had the camera, why not.
Lights on Flinders Street Station (including the first photo in this post) Was my highlight for sure, I wish I had a photo of the building without the lights so you could see the comparison, but alas I don't have that kind of foresight. Unfortunately these shots were a bit rushed as we were trying to catch a train in time, quite the challenge with the mass of people, I can tell you I wouldn't have liked being a public transit employee that night!!

Have a great weekend people :)

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Life is Stupid. Pizza is Good: Goal Setting.

I thought the topic of goal setting would be appropriate this time of year, what with all the resolution making and what not (yes I'm aware it's February, but that's practically January!). 

Admittedly committing to a goal is really terrifying for me and not something I have ever wanted to do publicly. For one thing I'm incredibly likely to never follow through and finish, and I don't want anyone knowing about that! Public failure? no thanks! but also what if I complete the goal, and what if it wasn't everything I wanted it to be, what then? That's right an individual not only scared of failure but their own success too?! How original! Reality is, I can't very well execute living the dream life without some kind of plan and a little bit of ambition now can I?

Goal setting has not only terrified me for the above mentioned reasons but also because in my mind I've had the notion that if I could just be consistent and follow through and achieve the goals I set, I'd be perfect. My life would be perfect. Everything perfectly perfect in its perfection. Lets face it perfection is a pretty scary thing, but punishing yourself for not being perfect is a battle you just can't win.

Goals. What are goals? The setting of meaningful, specific and realistically achievable tasks for an individual to aim for. So what does that mean for me? In my mind goals become these big frightful monsters existing purely to point out my failures and make me feel inadequate. Not very positive I realise. I've tried very many different tactics when it comes to not only goal setting but achieving them. For instance; list making, reward systems, star charts, accountability holding (ie. punishment), affirmations, determination, baby steps and giant leaps. There has been successes and plenty of failure...ok let's call them lessons learnt (that's a lot less Negative Nelly right?). Some days I'm at a complete loss and some days I'm the kick ass ninja of productivity and achievement, I just wish those days weren't as few and far between!

So I'm going to be just a little bit brave and share some of my more general goals:
          > improve my mental well being with a healthy lifestyle rather then solely relying on medication
          > commit to becoming a part time artist!! (yup there's a lot more specific goals involved in this one)
           > travel / rediscover my sense of freedom

I'm still trying to figure it out, but what I have discovered is unrealistic expectations are your worst enemy and you have to be kind to yourself. Two skills I'm working on mastering, but with all the goals, dreams, aspirations and hopes swimming around in my head I'll have plenty of chances to do just that. 

What helps you to achieve your goals?