Tuesday, March 10, 2015

DIY Project: Pencil Holder

So for some odd reason I was using the teeniest tiniest jar that I had deluded myself into thinking was sufficient enough to house my pens. Logic set in and I realised my pen to jar ratio was a little mis-measured.

Solution? D.I.Y pencil holder!

Who doesn't have a movie cup laying around the house? You know the promo ones they put your drink in with the popcorn combo, or am I the only one who takes those home?? Well this one wasn't too ridiculously giant (I think it was a kids cup!) but still just a fraction too tall for pens. But hey! Turns out these babies are really easy to cut, so off with it's head! Now the fun part was decorating! I chose some patterned paper and tried to keep it really simple, but really the sky's the limit...glitter, stickers, paint...whatever floats your boat! I re-inserted the cup top back into the body so the top edge remained smooth and helped to secure the paper down. 

Ta Da! Pretty practical and quick! Perfect desk buddy to my Superman bobble head and slippy sand smiley face  =)

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Fashion Files: Back in Beige

In honor of bad habits and neglected virtues (you know what I'm talking 'bout - hi guys, I've miss you!!) I am focusing my fashion file today on an item I have not worn for many a year but yet have failed to put it in the 'give away' pile every annual spring clean. Why has it been banished to suffer this wardrobe limbo existence? Well simply it's just a very tricky colour to work with my complexion because it IS the colour of my complexion. I also had to wear it basically as a work uniform back in my former fashion retail nightmare days. But yet despite this I can't help think that it's just so gosh darn pretty, I have to keep it!!

Whilst it may not be my 'perfect' outfit it certainly does nicely represent the 'perfect' metaphor for me to return from my blog hiatus with. I'm reintroducing something neglected but loved back into my life, attempting to balance light with dark and I'm changing the representation of a negative memory (I really didn't like that job) into something new and likable. I don't think I need to spell out the double meanings there but it certainly is a nice first step to returning to my creative self and liking the person I see staring back at me in the mirror.

... straight hair bought to you by my new fancy ghd eclipse, crooked glasses brought to you by my uneven ears ;) ...

Thursday, May 29, 2014

100 Happy Days

I stumbled upon this initiative 100happydays a while back and thought it would be something worth doing myself! To be perfectly honest with you my attitude has been a little on the negative side and this seemed like a good way to be more appreciative of the positive in my life. 

So the jist is challenging yourself to be happy 100 days in a row and using social media to photographically record these moments of happiness within your day. Well that's how I interpreted any way! I'm sure there is room for different takes on how it's most going to benefit you. You can choose which form of social media you use and how public/private you make it. I chose instagram which you can follow me on here.

I'm currently up to day 17 and already realising that mostly my happiness comes from food related activities and my cat Frankie! So far it's been fun and pretty easy to incorporate into daily life, occasionally I get a day behind, but that's no biggie. But it's nice to shift the focus onto the things I like most about my day, and not be so consumed by the negative and what's hard. I'm not saying I'm going to win any prizes in the Miss Positivity contest, but it's a pretty cool start!

Have you guys heard about this? Is anyone else doing it, would love to see what makes you happy :)